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October 2008

Which political candidates speak for poor?

As we hurtle toward Election Day, the news seems to get worse instead of better. We hear more about lipstick, hockey, change and experience than we do about solutions to real problems facing our nation. Those with the smallest voices and wallets have a hard time being heard on issues such as poverty.

the poor is a key principal in our Catholic teaching and forms the basis of our identity as people living out our baptismal call to be priest, prophet and king.

Sharing Fatima's message of peace

More than 2,000 years ago, in the "fullness of time" (cf. Ephesians 4:4), in quiet obscurity God began to fulfill the promise of salvation first given in the Garden of Eden (see Genesis 3:15) by sending an angel to a young virgin in Nazareth. The unfolding of that plan reached its zenith in the public spectacle of the sacrifice of God's Son on Mount Calvary.

Help available for victims of abuse in home

The Silence Stops Here" is the theme for National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

It's an appropriate theme because many women and children suffer in silence when abuse happens in the home.

At one time, little was done for these victims of abuse. We can be thankful that's no longer the case.

Agencies such as Catholic Charities and Heartland Family Service have been offering a helping hand for years.

Volunteers improve look, spirit in Fremont

What began as a day of volunteering turned into a summer of volunteer work for parents and students at Archbishop Bergan Middle/High School in Fremont.

Parents Beth Wilmes and Mary Glowacki wanted to help improve the look of the school and were inspired after learning about Make a Difference Day, a national day of volunteering that takes place the fourth Saturday in October.

Paul of Tarsus: Transformed by Jesus from persecutor of Church to apostle of Gentiles

The Catholic Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) sponsors a program for non-Catholic pastors and ministers who are in transition from their respective churches into the Catholic Church. It is called "The Coming Home Network," with Marcus Grodi as its spokesman. He himself was a former Presbyterian pastor.

Official Schedule

Oct. 3

Office appointments.

Oct. 4

Anniversary Mass, Hispanic Cursillo, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, Omaha.

Mass and groundbreaking, St. Charles Borromeo Church, Gretna,

Oct. 5

Mass and rededication, Christ the King Church, Omaha.

Commitment to chastity both challenging and rewarding

In an age where sex seems to sell everything from cigarettes to cereal, making a commitment to respect the body through chastity is challenging.

But there are women in the Archdiocese of Omaha who are making such a commitment, and discovering the rewards of that commitment. One person is Juana Acosta, a student at the College of Saint Mary.

"I feel that committing to my vow is an expression of the respect I have towards my body and soul. I believe it is important because it is the way God intended it to be," she said.

Choosing life affects many generations

Some of life's choices are simple. Others can affect generations.

For Ellen Ramsey-Pagett, adoption is the latter. One choice joined with another literally has touched countless lives and grows exponentially every day.

Back in 1962, the year she was born, abortion was not legal, but there were ways to take care of an unplanned pregnancy.

Instead her birth mother placed her infant daughter with Catholic Charities for adoption with Pat and Bill Ramsey.

Improvements help O'Neill Catholics prepare for future

St. Patrick Church and St. Mary School have been an active and integral part of the O'Neill area since 1877, which is why their recent renovations were necessary, said Father Francis Nigli, pastor at St. Patrick Church.

"For more than 100 years, generations of O'Neill residents have built up the legacy of the church and school," he said. "With the dawn of the 21st century, it was deemed necessary that the leadership take stock of the blessings and gifts handed down and to plan for the future."


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