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March 2009

Omaha administrator receives award

Debra Lund, administrator for music in Catholic Schools, was honored March 6 with the Outstanding Administrator Award at the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association's annual banquet.

The award was given "in recognition of outstanding support for Nebraska Bands 2009."

Lund said she was pleased to receive the award. "It's such a great honor," she said.

Holy Cross Parish honors Doris Kuhl

Doris Kuhl received the Celtic Cross Award for her many years of service to the church at the 2009 Gaelic Gala March 15 at Holy Cross Church in Omaha.

Kuhl, born and raised on a farm in Randolph, has been active in Holy Cross School and Parish since moving to Omaha with her family in 1957. In 1960, Kuhl and her husband, Jim, formed the Funeral Escort Service of Omaha. Even though her husband passed away in 2003, Kuhl continues to operate the service with the help of her family.

It's better to be safe than sorry

It's every parent's nightmare - your teenager has been in a serious accident.

Making it worse is learning that your son or daughter was drinking when the tragedy occurred.

Fast approaching are high school proms and graduation ceremonies, so it's that time of the year when teenagers celebrate and parents worry about what could happen.

Unicameral reviews safe haven law

With all that happened last fall regarding Nebraska's safe haven law, it is no surprise that the Legislature is addressing lessons learned during that dramatic period. To their credit, several legislators, including Annette Dubas of Fullerton, Brad Ashford and Tom White of Omaha, Amanda McGill of Lincoln and Tim Gay of Papillion, are making sure there are public-policy responses.

Relationship of science and morality at issue

We will lift the ban on federal funding for promising embryonic stem-cell research," said President Barack Obama March 9. "We will vigorously support scientists who pursue this research."

His action in support of those words has since been praised for liberating science from politics and ideology.

The issue is about the proper relationship of science and morality. The issue is that all human embryos deserve recognition of fundamental human rights, including the inviolable right to life.

Sacrifice was better understood 'when I was your age'

When I was growing up, the words that I dreaded hearing the most were "when I was your age." They were usually followed by "walked two miles to school in all sorts of weather, only got one birthday present, washed the dishes by hand." Life was always tougher back then.

But, lo and behold, as we face these current challenging economic times, I find myself saying to my children "when I was your age." And, now I understand the wisdom of earlier generations.

Getting spiritually fit: The heavy lifting of Lent

Climbing back onto the exercise bandwagon - and staying aboard - is one of my Lenten resolutions. It began with a day of reckoning on the heels of Fat Tuesday: a fitness assessment.

The very term made me nervous, although the physical trainer Megan assured me it would be low-key, "just a few quick exercise tests to see where you're at."

Soon Megan discovered exactly where I'm at - where my arms are at, where my waist is at, where my thighs are at. She recorded the numbers silently, leaving me to wonder what she made of my girth.

Lent and Year of St. Paul: He shows us the way to human fulfillment

So many people in our society look for short-cuts to human happiness and self-fulfillment. The financial crisis in which we find ourselves was precipitated, to a large extent, by people trying to get rich fast. But selfishness and greed never bring long-term satisfaction. The house of cards people build for themselves inevitably comes crashing down. There has to be more to life than the survival of the fittest and the most selfish.

Official Schedule

Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss' activities over the next two weeks:

March 20

» Day off.

March 22

» Confirmation, St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Omaha.

March 23

» Office appointments.

March 24

» Archdiocesan Priest's Council, Archdiocesan Retreat and Conference Center, Omaha.

March 25

» Mass, KVSS Spirit Radio anniversary.

March 26

» Knights of Columbus Pro-Life essay presentations.

St. Francis teacher wins speech award

peech coach Theola Peck was honored with the NFHS Speech, Debate and Theater Award at the Nebraska Schools Activities Association's State Speech Championships in Kearney March 20.

Peck, who also teaches English and has been an educator for more than 40 years, volunteered to hold speech practice five days a week since January for students who signed up for help. Several additional teachers also volunteer listening and critiquing speeches.


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