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December 2014

Letters to Santa

Mary Our Queen School kindergartner Elizabeth Barta, left, gets some help with her letter to Santa Clause from seventh-grade buddy Abigail Elkins. Seventh-grade students at the Omaha school meet with kindergartners once a month for faith and fun activities such as making rosaries – and compiling Christmas wish lists for Santa.

Book drop

Eighth-graders at St. Vincent de Paul School in Omaha help load about 50 boxes of books donated by students and their parents during a recent book drive to help stock the library at Sacred Heart School, also in Omaha.

Looking back on textbook-loan law

Please excuse some reminiscing. It’s an effect caused by winding down on almost four decades working for the same employer; in my instance, the nine diocesan bishops who have served in Nebraska during that time and their association for public-policy purposes, the Nebraska Catholic Conference (NCC).

Media distorts pope’s views

About a year ago, I suggested to one of the top editors of a major American newspaper that his journal’s coverage of things papal left something to be desired, as it seemed based on the assumption that Pope Francis was some kind of radical wild man, eager to toss into the garbage bin of history all those aspects of Catholic faith and practice


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