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March 2015

Courts’ actions spark many questions

When I saw this headline last Nov. 18 – "Judge who tossed ban will hear marriage suit" – I remember thinking, that can’t be right; what’s fair, impartial or objective about having a judge who is likely predisposed on the key, substantive issues of constitutionality decide another case, which involves essentially the same issues?

Then-Bishop-designate Joseph G. Hanefeldt pauses in his work at Christ the King Parish in Omaha in the weeks before his March 19 ordination and installation as bishop of the Diocese of Grand Island. Photo by Susan Szalewski/staff.

Bishop Hanefeldt turns to Christ for support

"Remain in me."

Bishop Joseph G. Hanefeldt of Grand Island chose for his motto those words from Christ, found in St. John’s Gospel.


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