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Christmas inspires poem, desire to share it

The inspiration came Dec. 19 last year, and the 10-stanza poem flowed out, born by love and a desire to share it, said Christine Sachau, a member of St. Francis Parish in Humphrey.

"At Christmas time the Holy Spirit seems more active in my heart," she said. "And the whole poem comes to me at one time."

Titled "Guided by Your Holy Light," the poem begins "Guided by your holy light, we came to find you, despite the unknown fear, as the stars arranged by your hands drew us from far to near. What did we find when we fell to our knees? The humbleness of Jesus your child, as you chose to dwell upon this Earth, like a human small and frail."

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Sachau, a substitute teacher at St. Francis School and Humphrey High School in Humphrey and Holy Family School in Lindsay, said she sent the poem to the Catholic Voice as one way to share her writing.

"I wish I could portray how God wants us to see things," Sachau said of her efforts. "I want to relate the miracles in my life and bring people closer to God and to the church."

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