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Christmas message to People of God in Northeast Nebraska

The way we celebrate Christmas depends on the way we relate to Jesus. If our awareness of his presence and love for us is growing stronger, Christmas will be a religious experience for us regardless of everything else going on in our lives.

A wise old priest told me years ago that Christmas can be an exhausting time for many priests: after the final Mass and homily and everyone has gone to their homes, it can be a time of letdown and loneliness. But if we have celebrated with faith and welcomed the Eucharistic Lord into our hearts, then the afterglow will sustain us for many days afterwards.

Our celebration of Christmas this year will depend on the way we relate to Jesus, especially in his Eucharist. My prayer for you is that you may be able to celebrate with faith, and will welcome the Eucharistic Lord into your hearts this Christmas with appreciation and joy.

A Blessed Christmas to you all.

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