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Post date: 11/16/2017
Judges typically fly below the political radar screen. While they sometimes steal the spotlight (for example, anticipated vacancies on the U.S. Supreme Court during a presidential election), political commentators usually take little interest in judges. This seems to hold true with the appointment of lower federal court judges. Unlike vacancies on...
Post date: 11/16/2017
Even before she was married, Emily Stimpson Chapman asked for baby prayers. "I’d be in an antique store buying little trinkets for the wedding decorations, and I would be asking strangers: ‘Pray that we have a baby!’" she said. "If I’ve talked to you over the past two years, I’ve asked you to pray for us to have a baby," she added. "Every...
Post date: 11/16/2017
One hundred years ago, on Nov. 7, 1917, Lenin and his Bolshevik Party expropriated the chaotic Russian people’s revolution that had begun eight months earlier, setting in motion modernity’s first experiment in totalitarianism. The ensuing bloodbath was unprecedented, not only in itself but in the vast bloodletting it inspired in wannabe-Lenins...

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