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Helping us all turn the page in our faith

How often do you find yourself stuck on a page? You are reading a book and need to re-read the same paragraph time and again, either because you are nodding off after a long day or distracted by the unattended details of life nagging at your brain. Whatever the reason, you can’t manage to move on in the story.

That can easily be the case, at times, in our faith life. Our cluttered days can keep us from turning the page. Daily duties distract us from moving more deeply into the richness of our own faith story. Yet, God is constantly inviting us to come closer to him.

The theme for this year’s Archbishop’s Annual Appeal reminds us that each of us has a Story of Faith, and in this archdiocese we are offered countless opportunities and experiences to ensure we continue to write that faith story. We are also blessed by people willing to meet us wherever we are, encouraging us to move to the next chapter.

In the Appeal’s video and brochure, we hear four meaningful stories that illustrate this. They are beautiful narratives describing how a few members of our community turned the page and found the love, support and inspiration to enrich their faith life and relationship with God.

We hear about the young man from O’Neill whose family and Catholic education encouraged him to respond to God’s call to enter the seminary. We learn about the Omaha couple whose appreciation for marriage grows because of their preparation for and better understanding of the sacrament. We meet the mother whose faith and self-confidence multiply because of her experience with Catholic Charities’ Juan Diego Center. And we cheer for the young woman from Norfolk who responded to the invitation to join the Catholic Church, igniting her faith in ways she never imagined. (Hear their stories at

These are just a few examples of the amazing stories of faith in our communities. Each person took advantage of resources offered by the parishes, schools and ministries of this archdiocese and were heartened by the people around them. They turned the page on their faith, moving more deeply into their relationship with God, their families and their faith community.

How do we make sure we don’t get stuck on the same page in our faith life? How do we continue to grow in our relationship with God, who wants us to know him and his unconditional and merciful love for us? How do we help our neighbors do the same?

This year’s Appeal theme reads: Every Town. Every Parish. Every Person. Your Story is Part of Our Story of Faith. As an archdiocesan faith community, we each are called to be stewards of our faith and to inspire those around us to grow in theirs.

Let’s look to the abundant resources available to us in this archdiocese, whether programs, people or opportunities for prayer and service, so that together we continue to write the most life-giving Story of Faith.


Shannan Brommer is director of the archdiocesan Office of Stewardship and Development. Contact her at

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