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Contest provides temporary portrait

Nearly 100 Christ the King students entered a contest to draw a portrait of their pastor, Father Steven Stillmunks, shown with a collection of portraits hung in a school hall. Photo by Jaclyn Schulte

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For the past 20 years at Christ the King School, a professional portrait of each pastor serving the parish is taken and added to a gallery in school.

The portrait of Father Steven Stillmunks is going to look a little different than the rest.

Because he wanted to wait until June 2007 for his official portrait (his 30th anniversary as a priest), he turned to Christ the King students for an interim solution "“ a portrait contest open to all students.

Fourth-grader Maggie Neary's crayon portrait was selected as the winner and will be professionally matted, framed and hung in the school.

The portrait artists used a variety of mediums for the portraits, including colored pencils, crayons, markers and even chalk. 'From the little kids who have very creative imaginations to the ones who did "˜60s motifs to the ones who worked on the actual portraits, it is amazing," Father Stillmunks said.

Nearly 100 entries were submitted kindergarten through eighth grade students, and narrowed down to 25 portraits by homeroom teachers.

The field was then narrowed to the top three by a committee made up of three Christ the King parents "“ Julie Bert, Cindy Huerter and Janet Nichting "“ along with art teacher Gail Dickel, Weenonah Miller, a University of Nebraska at Omaha education major, and Laraine Conway, school principal.

The top 25 portrait entries were displayed in the church during the weekend of Dec. 9 and 10 for the community to enjoy. The other entries are displayed in the school.

'I wanted this to be something we can share with the whole parish family," said Father Stillmunks. 'The school is part of the parish family and I wanted to bring them all together."

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