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From the Editor -Celebrations under way

Celebrations under way

By Charlie Wieser
From the Editor

Two important celebrations are taking place in February – Catholic Schools Week and Catholic Press Month.

The 31st annual observance of Catholic Schools Week is under way this week, with this year's theme being "Faith in Every Student."

More than three decades ago, the National Catholic Educational Association and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops decided it was time to tell the entire nation about the tremendous contributions made by Catholic schools to the church and country by organizing an annual celebration. It's proved to be a great way to put the spotlight on Catholic schools, where nearly 2.5 million students are attending classes this year.

We have much to celebrate in the Archdiocese of Omaha, where 76 Catholic schools meet the educational needs of more than 20,000 students. These students are learning Gospel values and the academic lessons that will carry them in their future endeavors.

These future leaders of the church and country also are learning the value of Christian service and the importance of community. They are the reasons why I have hope for the future.

In recognition of Catholic Schools Week, The Catholic Voice devoted 10 pages of coverage to Catholic schools in this issue. There also will be coverage of the annual celebration in the next edition.

As I reviewed the stories on Catholic students, teachers and alums for this paper, I thought once again about the value of the Catholic press. When something big happens in the local or global church, the Catholic press is there to give a complete report to the faithful. Whether it's the Holy Father traveling across the world or a new parish opening in the Archdiocese of Omaha, archdiocesan residents can depend on The Catholic Voice for meaningful coverage.

Since 1903, The Catholic Voice has been bringing stories of faith to thousands of homes in Nebraska. The paper is now delivered to nearly 52,000 homes in Northeast Nebraska.

As the archdiocese's official newspaper, The Catholic Voice is Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss' primary means of contact with the nearly 220,000 Catholics residing 152 parishes and missions in Northeast Nebraska.

In today's complex world, Catholic publications are needed to give people a better understanding of the teachings of the Church so they can make educated decisions based on faith. When confronted with issues such as the cloning of human beings, same-sex marriage and the use of aborted fetal tissue for medical research, people want guidance from the church. They depend on the Catholic press to report the church's official position on these controversial issues.

As the culture becomes more secularized, people will need publications that help them see life through the lens of faith. The Catholic Voice is one of those publications, so continue to look for articles that will inspire you to live your faith.

As for the future, The Catholic Voice will continue to improve its online edition, which is helping the paper to reach a larger audience in cyberspace. The online issue also helps people traveling across the country or visiting a faraway land overseas to keep up with what's happening in the local church by visiting www. on the Internet.

And all of this is accomplished by a small staff that is pictured in an ad acknowledging Catholic Press Month on page 18.

So let me take this opportunity to congratulate our Catholic schools for a job well done and my staff for making The Catholic Voice a quality newspaper people can depend on.

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