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From the Editor - Pope knows importance of Catholic newspapers

Pope knows importance of Catholic newspapers

By Charlie Wieser
From the Editor

Never underestimate the value of your Catholic newspaper.

That's the message Pope John Paul II delivered to the Italian Federation of Catholic Weeklies at an assembly at the Vatican last month.

The Holy Father praised Catholic newspapers for promoting Christian values that build a "civilization of love."

The pope urged the Catholic journalists at the assembly to continue publishing stories on the sanctity of human life, importance of marriage and family, and the need for truth and justice in all areas of life.

"Continue resolutely to proclaim the Gospel of truth and of hope from those pulpits which your diocesan weeklies are, remaining always open to the wide perspectives of the Universal Church," he said.

In recent years, the pope has called Catholic journalists throughout the world to join the New Evangelization to help the Roman Catholic Church have a greater impact on cultures in nations across the globe.

Archbishop John P. Foley, president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, echoed the pope's views in a Jan. 12 address to communications professionals in Ghana.

Catholic newspapers provide readers with "authentic information about the church and society" and offer "good ideas about how we might be able to strengthen our faith and share it with others," Archbishop Foley told the gathering.

I've had the privilege to hear Archbishop Foley speak at several Catholic Press Association conventions. He understands we live in a complex world that is forever challenging us, with the guidance of the church a necessity for us to keep our balance. And as a former editor of a Catholic newspaper, he is well aware of the important role the Catholic press plays in informing us about church teaching so we may better live our faith and share it with others.

As can be seen, the Catholic press is not taken for granted by the Holy Father and Archbishop Foley. They understand how Catholic newspapers provide guidance to help us fully realize the gift of faith.

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