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Questions help clarify alcohol challenges


      Since alcoholism affects the whole family mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and socially, children will begin to experience anxieties and engage in anti-social behavior similar to that of the alcoholic parent and spouse.

   The following questions answered by teenagers or pre- teenagers, can help clarify whether an alcohol problem has developed:

      1. Has your attitude toward a parent changed since drinking became a problem in your home?

      2. Have you lost respect for the parent who doesn’t appear to have a drinking problem?

      3. Do you have trouble concentrating on school work?

      4. Do you resent having to do jobs around your house that a parent should be doing?

      5. Are you starting to think it might be nice to forget your problems by taking drugs or getting drunk?

      6. Are you withdrawing from friends or outside activities?

      7. Do you feel differently from your friends because you are embarrassed by the problems in your home?

      8. Are you apt to escape into a world of apathy or fantasy?

      9. Do you feel anger or self-pity do to the problems?

      10. Are you afraid of the future?

      11. Do you feel you make your parents drink?

      12. Do you sometimes do freaky or way out things to get attention?

      If you answered YES to some of these questions, and your reactions are seemingly caused by drinking behavior of a parent or parents, then alcoholism is causing negative changes in you.

  Something can be done by joining Alateen, a group of young people who are affected by alcoholism. You can get counseling or further information by calling Catholic Charities.

      You need not continue to be a victim of alcoholic behavior in another person and a possible later victim of alcoholism yourself. Just as recovery and freedom are possible for the alcoholic, so it is possible for the family.

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