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Feed My Sheep pledges top $2 million appeal goal

Although the numbers aren't final yet, one thing is certain about the 2004 Feed My Sheep annual appeal of the Archdiocese of Omaha – the $2 million goal has been met.

As of Feb. 15, appeal pledges totaled $2,063,399 – 103.1 percent of the goal. A total of 11,336 households made pledges, up from 11,018 pledges last year at the same time.

Judy Tamisiea, executive director of the of the Office of Stewardship and Development, told members of the Archdiocese Stewardship Committee Feb. 16 that the 2004 appeal not only topped the goal, but reached that level in less time.

Pledges to date are about $140,000 ahead of last year, Tamisiea said. Based on the appeal history and the likelihood of more pledges, she's optimistic about exceeding $2.1 million.

Tim McNeil, development officer, said the success of the appeal is reflected in the work at the parish level. Ninety parishes have exceeded goal and another six are above 90 percent of goal.

St. William Parish in Niobrara recorded the highest percentage of goal – 363.3 percent. Three parishes topped 250 percent of goal – St. Patrick in Jackson with 278.6 percent, St. Bonaventure in Raeville with 268.5 percent and St. Andrew in Bloomfield with 251.6 percent.

McNeil said 70 parishes achieved the highest percentage of goal in the five-year history of the appeal.

A report on the spiritual side of the appeal shows more than 11,600 pledge cards returned and more than 72,600 individual pledges of specific spiritual activities.

Pledge totals ranged from a high 5,508 for Eucharistic adoration to 10,110 for regular Mass attendance.

Tamisiea said the requests for the prayers of Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss also generated a very good response.

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