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Guided by Your Holy Light

Guided by your holy light, we came to find you, despite the unknown fear,

As the stars arranged by your hands, drew us from far to near.

What did we find when we fell to our knees? The humbleness of Jesus your child,

As you chose to dwell upon this Earth, like a human small and frail.

A myriad of Angels from heaven sang in celestial choir,

They sang in joy of your coming upon this Earth to save us from Satan's fire.

Your mother must have wept with joy when she gazed upon your face,

She must have known that moment that she was Hail Mary, full of grace.

Your plan was so perfect, Lord; you would think we'd understand;

But then again, remember, we are born a simple kind of man.

When Jesus left this Earth; he sat right by your side,

And you both gave us your Holy Spirit as our guide.

Some gave their lives to keep us free; to worship and to love,

To be like you and Jesus, they are perfect examples from above.

The holy Bible was the gift for eternity to share,

But we have to really want to know you, we have to really care.

So, when life just doesn't make sense, or we want to find the gist,

We must remember Christmas; you gave us the greatest gift.

We need to let you dwell within us, to make our hearts all beat as one,

Then our love is fruitful, and we can really mean Merry Christmas everyone!

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