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Grocery sales project raises funds for school

Students at Pope John XXIII Central Catholic Junior/Senior High School in Elgin raised more than $12,550 for the school’s general fund during the annual Student Council Grocery Sales Project.

Stores in Elgin, Ewing, Clearwater, Petersburg, Neligh and Tilden provided the grocery certificates and debit cards that students sold. Purchasers paid a 5 percent donation for each one purchased and the stores matched the donation with another 5 percent.

Sophomore Kyle Schumacher, junior Grace Henn and senior Erin Beckman were the top salespeople, while top family salespeople were sophomore Maddie and senior Miles Schrage, freshman Luke and junior Logan Henn, and eighth-grader Natalie, freshman Austin and junior Heather Bauer.

Donors also contributed to the project.

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