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Madonna School foundress writes book on her passions

Sister Mary Evangeline Randolph, RSM, glances over her newly published autobiography, "I Have Seen Him." The foundress of the Madonna School in Omaha, Sister Randolph said the book is more than a life story - it's about her passions.
Photo by Brian Fuchser

By Brian Fuchser
The Catholic Voice

"I Have Seen Him," the autobiography of Sister Mary Evangeline Randolph, RSM, is more than the life story of the 84-year-old retired foundress of Omaha's Madonna School.

Sister Randolph wrote the 112-page autobiography out of a desire to share her three major passions with others – her love of working with children, her love of reading and writing, and especially her passion for her vocation.

"Christ called me to do this and I felt that he expected me to be true to it and not to give up," said Sister Randolph, who has been a Sister of Mercy for 65 years. "I wanted to attract other young women to the beauty of serving God and the satisfaction you get from doing what He wants you to do."

Sister Randolph's love of reading and writing is evident in the poetry the book contains, some of it written by Sister Randolph, as well as the fact that she wrote the book by hand. Her secretary later entered it into a computer.

The title of the autobiography, which was published by Publication Printing of Nebraska in Waterloo, reflects Sister Randolph's love of working with special needs children.

"My mother raised three girls all alone for many years," she said. "She was a very good Catholic. She trained us to love God and see Him in everything. The title indicates that I saw Christ in all these little children."

Sister Randolph, who dedicated the book to her parents, said she already has sold almost 500 of the 1,000 books she had printed. The book features a number of photos, as well as highlights from Sister Randolph's efforts to begin the Madonna School.

"I tried to recognize people in the book who contributed to Madonna school," she said.

"I just wanted people to know that I grew up in a normal, good Catholic home with a good Catholic atmosphere all my life," Sister Randolph said. "We were a poor family, but I never felt poor. I've had a very interesting life."

"I Have Seen Him," is available at The Cosgrave Company, College of St. Mary, Bookworm, the Madonna School, all in Omaha, or by calling Mercy Villa in Omaha at 402-391-6224.

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