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Mercy Series

Post date: 05/04/2016
While sitting in the living room in the home of one of my parishioners and visiting with the family, their little 2-year-old crawled over to the wall and was about to stick a small toy into an electrical outlet. Immediately his mother jumped up, lightly tapped his hand and told him not to do that. A good mother! Sticking things into electrical...

Julie Lord, clinical manager at Catholic Charities in Omaha, in a meeting March 22. Lord works with people struggling with mental health issues, addictions and other challenges. Photo by Mike May/Staff.
Post date: 03/31/2016
Counseling the doubtful – those facing challenges who doubt their lives will ever get better, who question their faith in God or their own self-worth – this is the work of counselors at Catholic Charities as they help their clients experience mercy and hope. "On a daily basis, we deal with individuals who are lost because of behaviors, because of...
Post date: 03/30/2016
Corporal: Giving drink to the thirsty Spiritual: Counseling the doubtful "To give drink to the thirsty" might seem to be the simplest of the corporal works of mercy. Yet, the Old Testament gives it great importance, saying, if you give a cold drink to a prophet, you get a prophet’s reward. Jesus backed that up in the New Testament by saying, when...
Post date: 03/02/2016
Corporal: Feed the hungry Spiritual: Instruct the uninformed   My father loved food. It was easy to get hungry just hearing him describe his favorite foods or food experiences. Eating was a consoling part of life for him. Isn’t it for most people? It was bitter irony that he ended up succumbing to colon cancer. As the disease was progressing...

Lou Finocchiaro greets Jose Solis, a Juan Diego Center food pantry client. Photo by Mike May/Staff.
Post date: 03/02/2016
For Lou Finocchiaro of Christ the King Parish in Omaha, volunteering his time at the Juan Diego Center food pantry to help feed the hungry is an act of mercy – and of gratitude. "The good Lord’s given me a good life and good health for a purpose, and I should make use of it," he said. For more than 20 years, Finocchiaro has volunteered at Catholic...

Julie and Scott Tylski discuss the Sixth Commandment with their RCIA class Feb. 21 at St. Stephen the Martyr Parish in Omaha.
Post date: 03/02/2016
Instructing the uninformed – one of the spiritual works of mercy – might sound challenging, or even intimidating. But for Scott and Julie Tylski, it’s simply been answering the Holy Spirit’s call to share their faith. Since 2014, the Tylskis have helped others prepare to enter the Catholic Church at Easter as leaders of the Rite of Christian...
Post date: 02/04/2016
Editor’s note: Lent begins Feb. 10. And it is the Jubilee of Mercy. As Pope Francis notes in his Lenten message, there is no better time to deepen understanding and commitment to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. A Catholic Voice series highlighting these works begins with this article.   "It is my burning desire that during this Jubilee...


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