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Deacons honored for service

Five deacons were honored for their service and 14 who have died were remembered in prayer Aug. 26 at the annual anniversary dinner for the Archdiocese of Omaha permanent diaconate.

Archbishop George J. Lucas and Archbishop Emeritus Elden Francis Curtiss attended the dinner in Omaha, which included a keynote address by Archbishop Lucas, introduction of 21 deacons who were ordained last spring and the deacons’ renewal of dedication to service in the church.

Honored for 30 years of service were Deacons Gary Hennessey of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Omaha and Art Villemure, now serving in Box Elder, S.D.

Recognized for 20 years of service were Deacons Bill Barnes of St. Vincent de Paul Parish and Tom Frankenfield of St. John Vianney Parish, both in Omaha; and Dan Perchal of St. Patrick Parish in Elkhorn.

Remembered in prayer

Deceased deacons remembered in prayer included:

All members of the 1977 class: Deacons Dave Edwards, Joe Friend, John Heffernan, John Mascarello, Bob McAleer, Tom Murphy and Tom Sanders.

Members of the 1987 class: Deacons Gerry Gonderinger, Richard Moser, Leonard Obershaw, Ernie Gencarelli and Don Kemp.

• And members of the 1997 class: Deacons Gene Hanson and Joe Morley.

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