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Gretna High School amends club policy in light of challenge

A pro-life group’s challenge regarding student clubs prompted a policy change at Gretna High School designed to create greater equity.

The Gretna school board amended its policy Oct. 10 to allow only curriculum-related groups to meet on school property during school hours. All other groups – including the pro-life group – can continue meeting on school property, but only during non-school hours.

Gretna High School student Bridget Christensen, a junior and member of St. Patrick Parish in Gretna, brought the challenge, with the help of the Thomas More Society, after her pro-life club, Dragons for Life, was denied permission to meet during school hours.

School administrators based their decision on the group’s purpose being too religious and controversial. But Christensen’s group, a chapter of Students for Life of America, argued that other organizations were allowed to meet during school hours, including a Gay Straight Alliance group.

"This school’s rationale for denying the group is that the club doesn’t fit in with the school curriculum – but neither do most of their other clubs," Jocelyn Floyd, special counsel with the Thomas More Society, had argued.

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