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The prayer process is a contemplative self-examination developed by the Center for Family Life Formation, based on Scripture and church teaching, and intended to be a part of every Family Life ministry.

By following the steps contained in the acronym, people can open themselves to the work of God in their lives.

The components of that process, as described by the Center for Family Life Formation:

Silence – time for people to clear their minds of distractions and reflect on who they are, what is their purpose, and their deepest desires.

Openness – becoming open to God and others for healing, growth, wholeness and holiness.

Waiting – for the Lord, being ready for change.

Receive – an encounter with Jesus, a way to grow closer to him.

Examine – reflecting on what has been received.

Assimilate – understanding and integrating one’s own story with the story of salvation history, a moment to choose a path toward God.

Pray – giving voice to the desires of the heart and discerning the next step toward God.

Plan – Developing practical steps to change one’s life in accord with this new experience.

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