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Omaha parish puts twist on religious education program

Father Frank Baumert
Pastor, Holy Name Parish

The Catholic Voice

Holy Name Parish in Omaha will no longer offer two Sunday morning Masses beginning Sunday, Sept. 10.

Instead, Mass will be offered at only 10:30 a.m. and members will be invited to attend a yearlong intergenerational religious education class at 9 a.m. Father Frank Baumert, pastor, will lead the class, which will focus on the Bible.

All participants, regardless of age or parish affiliation, will be encouraged to read the entire Bible in one year. They will follow a brochure published by the Coming Home Network that provides a checklist for chapter readings from the Old Testament, Wisdom Literature and the New Testament.

In most Catholic parishes, only a small percent of the parishioners have actually read the Bible, Father Baumert said. By the end of this program, he hopes that at least 30 percent of his parish will have read it.

The class also will help people grow in their Catholic faith by studying the sacraments and other parts of the faith and how they come from Scripture.

Father Baumert, who developed the program in response to a staff and budget deficit at the parish, said the intergenerational program will help rebuild the Christian community at Holy Name Parish and reinforce the lessons being taught.

'Most of the time kids learn something in religious education class or in their Catholic school and then that is the last they hear about it," he said. 'But with this approach, the parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters will all be hearing the information so more family discussions of matters of faith will be happening in the homes."

The Men's Club at Holy Name Parish will host a pancake brunch after the 10:30 a.m. Mass once a month.

Anyone interested in participating in the religious education program or who has questions can contact Father Baumert at 451-6622.

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