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Sacrament of Marriage

Post date: 04/14/2016
It’s been a year since the archdiocese began offering one-on-one parenting classes instead of large-group gatherings as part of marriage preparation for couples with children. And they appear to be a hit. "Every couple we’ve had go through the course has said, ‘this is awesome, it’s so practical, focused on our needs,’" said Valerie Conzett,...
Post date: 04/14/2016
Patrick and Janelle Benson of Central City say their growing relationship with God and with each other after 30 years of marriage will serve them well in retirement. That’s because they have learned to trust that Jesus wants to be part of their everyday lives, they said. "The stress level goes down when you can trust God’s plan and not stress...
Post date: 04/14/2016
For married couples everywhere, life presents challenges – at times, even tragedies. For an Omaha couple, and many others across the archdiocese, their Catholic faith has been their rock, the thing that has pulled them through such times. Throughout their 42-year marriage, Deacon Norman and Joyce Tierney, members of St. Leo the Great Parish, have...

Jada and Robbie Miller are greeted by friends and family after their wedding at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Omaha.
Post date: 04/14/2016
A marriage is a new beginning for more than just two people. For many Catholic couples, marriage means creating a new faith community – a community that can be showcased at the wedding, in some ways, but grows and deepens as the couple continues in their married life together. When Megan and Adam Tietsort of St. Thomas More Parish in Omaha were...

Darryl and Dana Washington enjoy a quiet moment together April 8 on the deck of their home. Photo by Mike May/Staff.
Post date: 04/14/2016
When a couple marries, "… they are no longer two but one flesh." (Mark 10:8) Yet they do not cease being individuals with unique gifts from God. Sharing and appreciating those gifts is one of the joys of marriage. Three couples from the archdiocese share how they cherish those gifts, accommodate each other’s needs and respect one another’s space...
Post date: 04/14/2016
PERMISSION Obtain permission from pastor to register for marriage preparation at least six months before the wedding, and receive a copy of the Engaged Couple Guide for Marriage Preparation.   FOCCUS Fill out a FOCCUS Pre-Marriage Inventory, a 151-item questionnaire designed to provide a personalized profile of a couple’s relationship, its...
Post date: 04/14/2016
Nine different Old Testament readings are among choices for couples preparing their wedding ceremonies – and 13 readings from which to choose in the New Testament, nearly a dozen from the Gospels. And the readings are just one way couples can personalize a wedding, for themselves and their friends and family, said Father Jeffrey Loseke, pastor of...
Post date: 04/13/2016
From songs, readings and prayers at the wedding ceremony, to including friends and family in the celebration, to the sacramental union that is marriage, sustained by faith and Christ’s love … These are among the elements and graces that make up the sacrament of marriage – and that are part of this special emphasis issue of the Catholic Voice....

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