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Finding the Trinity right in our families

Some years ago, I was blessed to walk with a family through the dying process of the family’s mother. She had overcome breast cancer before, but this second time around she would not be so lucky. Their acceptance, peace and love made them more of a blessing to me than I to them.

She had two young children. She was grieving the fact that they would not have a mother at the significant moments of their lives, such as graduations or their weddings. I offered her the idea that she could write a letter to each child, a letter that could be saved and given to the child at a later date.

Upon reading the letters, her children might feel the assurance, the presence of their mother watching over them. The letters would serve as the voice, the words of their mother. They would most surely feel her guiding spirit, blessing their special occasions and their lives.

This exchange of love in many ways can help us understand the Most Holy Trinity. We experience God as Father, or parent. We also experience God as Jesus, God’s very Word. (The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Jn 1:14) Lastly, we experience God in his Holy Spirit, guiding and sanctifying us.

The Blessed Trinity is quite a mystery. We are not able to understand God, as God is so very far above us. In his essence, we believe him to be Father; like a parent, we hear his word as written in the Gospels, we experience him as being present, as guiding, as a blessing as we walk with him.

Although mysterious, we are not kept from our God. God’s intent is to offer us an encounter, a relationship, with him, in a way that we can understand as a living breathing family.


Father William L’Heureux is pastor of St. Lawrence Parish in Silver Creek, St. Rose of Lima Parish in Genoa and Ss. Peter and Paul Parish of Krakow.

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