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In peace, let us prepare for the Holy Spirit

Many of the readings we reflect on in this Easter season are about the early church community. We can see the difference the Holy Spirit makes in the lives of the disciples and especially of the 12 apostles.

What is amazing to me, and should be reassuring to all of us, is how the apostles were so human in their reaction.

In this time after the resurrection and before the coming of the Holy Spirit, Jesus appears to them many times.

Jesus’ words "Peace be with you," remind us that they were not at peace during this time. Thomas doubted; they were slow to believe.

This is why the church in her wisdom gives us the season of Easter, that our faith may also be strengthened. Utilize this time well by reading and reflecting on the stories from Scripture about the early church. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, let your hearts burn with love as you hear his word.

The Easter season is a special time we often overlook. Yet it is during this time we also need to hear the reassuring words of Christ, "Peace be with you."

Peace is not the absence of suffering or trial, but the knowledge that Christ is with us and strengthening us. He is preparing us for the coming of the Holy Spirit!


Father Timothy Forget is pastor of St. Bonaventure Parish in Columbus. Contact him at

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