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Life starts with the pregnant mother and her unborn child.  Life starts the minute of conception and every human life is very valuable no matter how old they are.  A baby’s heart starts beating 18 days after conception.  As an advocate for unborn babies and their mothers is very important, and I feel that they need a lot of support, love, and comfort.  Pope Francis said, “The Right to life is the first among human hearts.”  Pope Francis is telling us that a human with a beating heart has the “Right to Live.” I can help women recognize the value of life in a number of ways.

One way I can help pregnant mothers is to give them guidance.  I can find a local priest or youth minister to counsel the pregnant mother.  I can also help by setting up a diaper drive for a local Birthright center.  My school can get involved and help collect everyday baby items that some mothers cannot afford, such as bottles, diapers, wipers, formula, and clothes.  I can also help by showing the mothers the option of adoption, instead of abortion.  I can also help them to find the nearest Birthright center, so she can find help there.  I could also volunteer at a Birthright.  Little actions like these can help the mother say yes.

Another way to help a young mother say yes to life is to pray.  Through prayer, I can ask God to give the mothers courage to keep the baby.  Life is not a choice women can make, but it’s a baby’s right, a right to live, to breathe, to learn, and to grow.  I could also pray the rosary.  By praying the rosary, we are asking Mary to help the mothers make the difficult decision to keep their baby.

Also, I can help by using my sewing skills to make baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and cloth diapers for the mother to use with her baby.  I have already helped my Grandma Mary make cloth diapers for the local Birthright in Norfolk.  Donating gently used baby items and furniture to Bright Horizons can also help with the much needed supplies that new mothers may need.

Helping mothers and their unborn child takes time and the support of others.  As Dr. Seuss wrote, “A human is a human no matter how small.”

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