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Seventh-grade winner, archdiocese’s annual Pro-Life Student Essay Contest

Dear Friend,   

I heard that you are supposed to have a baby. I want to say congratulations, but I also heard that you are thinking about aborting your baby. I am writing you this letter because I think you should reconsider your decision. Here are a few reasons why you should not choose abortion.

The first reason that I think you should have the baby is because there are other ways to deal with your situation. You don’t have to raise the baby yourself. I know that you are young and that it can be very hard sometimes. You can always choose adoption. Adoption is great if you are young, you don’t have a lot of money, and you can’t raise a baby all by yourself. There are so many wonderful families out in the world that are waiting and waiting for a child. If you choose adoption, your baby will go to a great; caring family. Also, when you are older, if you choose open adoption, you can visit your child.

The second reason you should not choose to abort your child is because the baby is still a human being. Keep in mind that you will be taking the life of an innocent child. Just remember that because the baby is not fully grown and is not out of your womb, does not mean that it is not a person. I think that saying abortion is okay is almost like saying that taking a life of a human being is fine. I know a woman like you who chose to abort her baby a while ago and she has regretted her decision since then. She still wonders what her child would have aspired to have become.

The third reason you should not abort your child is because we are all here for you. If you choose to take care of your new child, your friends and family and I will all support you and help you take care of the child. If you choose adoption, we will all support your decision and be happy for you. I want you to know that whatever decision you make, I will be happy for you. And you will always be my friend no matter what you do.


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