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Imagine if you were faced with a choice between life and death.  You had a low income, were still in college and afraid of what people would think.  We need to let these mothers know that God loves them no matter what choice they make.

There is a difference between being pro-life and anti-abortion.  Anti-abortionists feel like to stop abortion they have to use violence and murder of doctors.  That is not the way to go.  A good way is to become a sidewalk counselor.  You approach the woman and talk to her about what she is doing wrong.  Never use cruel words because that could set them off.  Starting a program in your city like Sidewalk Advocates for Life lets you meet with other people who feel the same, and your family can help you too.  So far they have saved 1151 babies, and made 27 abortion workers quit their jobs.

Supporting a candidate who is pro-life is a good idea too.  Talk to your priest and ask him to give a special intention for unborn babies and their mothers.  The campaign called 40 Days is a great program that focuses on prayer, fasting, and community outreach.  They only use positive reasoning when they talk to these young mothers, and it is available for everyone to join.  Also bringing up the topic of abortion to your family is a good way to make people aware of the issues surrounding peoples’ “choices”.

Spending time each day reflecting on mothers and their babies, born and unborn, can make a prayerful difference.  If you have a chat room, or discussion online, take any questions or give advice to anyone who is troubled. Always use a positive and encouraging voice when talking to these mothers.  We need to help these mothers and let them know there are other options, such as adoption.  Praying can really help because God listens to everyone and he especially listens to the prayers of children.

Even though we are young, with work and prayer, we can make a difference in the lives of those who have no choice.  You may think we don’t have a say in what they do, but we can really help. By doing these things we can help guide these mothers to choose the right decisions.

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