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Being pro-life is so much more than just agreeing that life is precious.  Being pro-life means to take action and stand up for lives everywhere including the unborn.  We are called to show consideration for life and defend it even in difficult situations.  In the U.S. alone, there have been over 57 million abortions since 1973.  This number is about seven times the population of New York City.  We can help stop this number from growing by praying, becoming more active in the pro-life movement, and by being a walking billboard.

The first step to ending abortions and helping pregnant mothers say yes to life is to pray.  Praying is probably the simplest and easiest, yet most effective way to give the pregnant mothers the confidence and the hope to say yes to life.  We can pray on our own, with family or friends, and in many other ways.  An excellent way to defend life would be to pray silently outside an abortion clinic.  Another way would be to join a life chain, which is where people gather together to pray and defend unborn babies.  A life chain usually takes place next to a busy street.  By praying, we can be one step closer to stopping abortion and saving life.

Becoming more active in the pro-life movement is a great way to defend the unborn.  We can do this by donating money to organizations that help mothers to say yes to life that they are carrying in their womb.  Another way to become more active is to go on the March for Life.  I have been on the March for Life and can say that it is an extraordinary experience because the people who surrounded me had the same beliefs and goals that I had.

Finally, we can help preserve life and give pregnant mothers hope and confidence by being walking billboards.  This can simply be done by wearing a pro-life shirt or wristband.  Another way to be a walking billboard would be to encourage the pro-life movement through our words and actions.

In conclusion, we must work together to help defend and respect life everywhere, especially the lives of unborn babies.  We can stand up for life by praying, becoming active, and being a walking billboard.  By doing this we give encouragement to mothers in complicated situations and give the unborn an opportunity and chance at life.

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