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Students bring a modern twist to Christmas story


King Tut, King Kong and the King of Rock and Roll were at this year's Christmas program at St. Mary School in Osmond.

But they were all upstaged by the real king and Savior, the baby Jesus.

All 40 St. Mary students - from kindergarten through eighth grade - performed in the Dec. 12 musical "A King Is Coming to Town," which put a modern twist on the birth of Christ.

The students acted out a story of people wondering what kind of king would come to their town at Christmas. The 40-minute musical included several speaking parts and songs, including one thanking Jesus for coming as an approachable baby.

Principal Joyce Tunink, who directed the musical, said she wanted to do something different this year rather than the school's traditional Christmas songs and speaking parts explaining the first Christmas.

"This was more fun - with the dancing and the energy," she said.

Eleven students had solos and the middle school girls choreographed the songs and taught the younger children the dances, Tunink said.

The musical provided an opportunity for students to learn about Christ's birth in a different way ... and the children loved it, she said.

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