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Post date: 01/18/2018
God has seen fit to save me through my wife and my children, but also through my students. As a husband and father, I share the grace of many who have the privilege of those roles. But as a religion teacher in a Catholic high school, I have been blessed as few will ever be. God calls each of us to holiness through our own circumstances. And so, I...
Post date: 06/09/2017
Pro-Life, the Scientific Argument Roe of the infamous case, Roe V. Wade died this year.  What people may not know is that Norma McCorvey realized the error of her ways and fought for the rest of her life to overturn this detrimental decision of abortion.  She became Christian and later was baptized a Catholic.  Norma never did have an abortion...
Post date: 06/09/2017
Some pro-abortion advocates suggest that the pro-life movement is simply about people imposing their faith or values on someone else.  This criticism, however, fails to recognize the scientific breakthroughs supporting the cause for Life. The whole reason that abortion was legalized was because the fetus wasn’t considered a person. In the case...
Post date: 06/09/2017
Many abortion advocates suggest that the pro-life movement is simply a ploy initiated by people trying to impose their faith-based values on others.  These same people fail to see the tangible and irrefutable evidence that exists against abortion.  These developments are continually being advanced through science and prove that the pro-life “ploy...
Post date: 06/09/2017
On January 4, 2017, The Atlantic published an article entitled “How the Ultrasound Pushed the Idea That a Fetus is a Person.”  The point of the article was to imply that the ultrasound was somehow a political agenda-driven tool.  But the pro-life answer to that headline should be “Of course.  Scientific tools do indeed reaffirm our position.” ...
Post date: 06/09/2017
In our world, thousands of abortions are being performed every day.  These have resulted in the loss of hundreds of thousands of babies.  These babies never get the chance to experience the world or a meaningful life.  The Pro-Life movement has arisen from this crisis in order to defend the lives of these unborn babies.  Some people claim this...
Post date: 06/08/2017
Students from two schools won 10 of 15 awards – including all five first-place spots – in the annual Pro-Life Essay Contest sponsored by the Respect Life Apostolate of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Top winners in the contest – which was for seventh-graders through juniors and drew 62 entries – were seventh-grader Aiden Morey and eighth-grader Sydney...

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