Be ready to share your faith with others, right where they are

What seems to be a very ordinary human activity becomes a moment of encounter for Jesus. Jesus is resting at a well and has a life-altering encounter with a woman who comes to draw out some water. 
“Jesus said to her, ‘Give me a drink’” (Jn 4:7). Through this encounter, she is transformed by his love, but it begins with a moment of rest. How many times have you been tired and looked forward to recharging, only to find God using this time of rest for others?
Maybe you’ve had a long day or maybe you didn’t sleep well. You may be tired because you have sick kids at home or are taking care of an aging parent. Maybe Lent is already wearing you out as you try to be more patient, or give up something you enjoy. So, like Jesus, you are resting and taking a break, or just zoning out a bit. Then it comes, an opportunity to share your faith because you are vulnerable. 
I had an opportunity like this recently. It was my day off and I was talking to a friend of mine. The conversation shifted to faith and the questions he gets at work about God. What began as a casual time of rest after a busy week now turned to an opportunity to share faith.
Jesus is always ready to encounter others and to share the love in his heart with them. While it is good to have programs and techniques and appointed times for faith sharing, we are called to be people who are faithful and faith-filled every day. This is so that we are ready to serve, ready to share the reason for our hope, ready to meet people, like the woman at the well, right where they are.
Father Timothy Forgét is pastor of St. Jane Frances de Chantal Parish in Randolph and St. Mary of the Seven Dolors Parish in Osmond. Contact him at
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