Brides of Victorious Lamb disband

The Association of the Brides of the Victorious Lamb, a private association of the Christian faithful in Omaha, disbanded May 31, because the group’s superior is leaving to care for ailing parents in Texas.

Formed by members of the former Intercessors of the Lamb, the group included three sisters in addition to the superior, Sister Elizabeth Marie Neuhoff of the Blessed Trinity. The group was not a religious order, but lived in community at the former convent of St. Mary Parish in Omaha.

The group’s charism was ministering and providing spiritual support to the sick, elderly and dying and their families, Sister Neuhoff said.

"We’ve all been very blessed by this opportunity to serve the Lord in this way, and so many ways that he’s provided for us," she said. "We’ve been able to minister to others and see lives being transformed and people coming back to God."

While most of the sisters are still called to similar ministries, they are currently discerning their future direction, Sister Neuhoff said.

The group received official recognition from the archdiocese in 2012 after the Intercessors of the Lamb, a public association of the faithful, was suppressed in 2010 due to problems with spiritual direction, structure, finances and leadership.

Archbishop George J. Lucas helped guide the association’s formation, and its finances, teaching and discipline were monitored by church authorities.

"We’re very grateful to the archbishop, because he’s been very supportive and very good to us," Sister Neuhoff said.

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