Catholic Schools Office’s faith rally draws teachers, catechists to West Point

About 100 Catholic school teachers and parish catechists gathered in West Point Oct. 22 for a faith rally with nationally known Catholic singer and storyteller Steve Angrisano.

Sponsored by the Catholic Schools Office, it was an opportunity to energize, inspire and build community, said Chris Nelson, executive director of the five-school Catholic School Consortium in Omaha.

Barb Wegner and Shannon Johnson, religious education teachers at Holy Cross Parish in Bancroft, said they left the gathering at the Nielson Community Center in West Point uplifted and inspired to make a difference.

“It was a beautiful evening,” said Angrisano, who sang several songs, including his “Go Make a Difference,” written with Tom Tomzak.

Angrisano told stories of being on stage with St. John Paul II during his pontificate, and meeting the late pope at World Youth Days. He also encouraged audience participation in singing, action and storytelling, with examples of faith and hope.

“God is as close as my breath,” Angrisano said at one point. “We recognize that sometimes we forget the opportunities we have. The power for good that we have is with us.”

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