Child seeks savior for the Savior

Each Lent, Victoria Hegarty, a sacristan at St. Gerald Parish in Ralston, remembers an incident eight years ago with one of her grandchildren, Owen, who found himself seeking a savior for the Savior.

Age 3 at the time and at the parish’s Omaha church with his grandmother, Owen gazed at a crucifix that graphically depicts Jesus suffering on the cross.

"Grandma, why is Jesus beat up and bloody?" he asked.

She tried to explain that it was part of God’s plan, that Jesus died on the cross for everyone. But Owen remained distraught: "why didn’t someone save him?"

Finally, seeking hope and understanding in the midst of a mystery no one can fully grasp, Owen confidently exclaimed: "Spiderman would have saved him!"

To read Hegarty’s full account, click the link below.

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