Coins commemorate Boys Town anniversary

The U.S. Mint is helping Boys Town celebrate its centennial year – with three commemorative coins issued March 9.

"These coins will help us commemorate and celebrate the outstanding work that has been done by the organization over the last 100 years," said Father Steven Boes, national executive director of the nonprofit center for struggling youth.

As a fundraiser for Boys Town, the collectible coins include surcharges in each purchase: $35 for gold coins, $10 for silver and $5 for clad (layered metal) coins.

Costs can vary depending on the price of gold and silver, but 50,000 gold coins issued in a $5 denomination currently cost about $400 each. The gold coin shows Boys Town founder and Servant of God Father Edward J. Flanagan on one side; on the other an oak tree growing from an acorn, representing the potential of each child.

Each silver coin – 350,000 issued in a $1 denomination – costs about $47, and feature a young girl gazing up at the branches of an oak tree and, on the other side, an oak tree sheltering a family.

And 300,000 clad coins – each priced at about $20 and issued in half-dollar denominations – show on one side two youths holding hands and walking toward Boys Town, and on the other a Boys Town neighborhood with graduates wearing caps and gowns.

Nebraska Republicans Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and Sen. Deb Fisher sponsored the legislation authorizing the coins, which can be purchased at

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