Eighth-grade winner, archdiocese’s pro-life essay contest – 2018

To be a witness to the Pro-Life message, all Christians must show God’s love to everyone they meet, no matter what age, nationality, religion, or gender. Someone who hopes to spread God’s love can do many things to make the most vulnerable feel appreciated, important, and loved.

For example, elderly people often believe they aren’t important because they become lonely and unappreciated. One way to solve this problem is to visit these people regularly or talk to them on the phone. You can also help them do simple chores or walk their beloved pets. By doing these small tasks, you can make the elderly feel truly a part of God’s kingdom. They will feel the raw beauty of God’s never-ending love.

Also, many young women expecting a child feel very intimidated and scared while trying to decide between abortion and life. This is a very important decision, which results in very high stress levels for choosing the right thing. One way to make them feel loved is to help them around the house and provide them with fulfilling reading materials that would advise them to do the right thing for the baby they are carrying. Another way you could make them feel less stressed is to spend time helping them out with their daily chores so that they can focus on making the right choice. You could even bring them dinner or desserts once a week in order to lower the amount of stress in their lives. Often, it is the small things that can make the biggest impact in a pressured young lady’s life. Once the future mom feels like her life is under control, she can focus on what is best for her baby and what God would want her to do.

I believe that if all Christians treat the most vulnerable, such as pressured moms and lonely elderly citizens, with love from the bottom of their hearts, our world would be a much more caring place. Our job as Catholics is to spread God’s love and message of Pro-Life to all. With love and appreciation, the weakest and loneliest of all could feel loved and cherished during the hardest times of their lives.

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