Faithful, Watchful Citizens: Last Call

The week of April 4th will be a historic week for the Nebraska Legislature and the pro-life movement. It will mark the first round of debate on LB933, the Human Life Protection Act, which would protect preborn babies from the moment of conception if and when Roe v. Wade is overturned. This legislation was introduced by pro-life champion Sen. Joni Albrecht and personally prioritized by Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers.

If you have not yet contacted your state senator about this legislation, it is absolutely critical that contact them now. You easily do so by texting LIFE to 50457.

If you have contacted your state senator, then do it one more time for good measure – maybe even consider a personal phone call into their office. You can find your state senator’s phone number at

Either way, ask them 1) to support LB933 and 2) to support the legislation on “cloture” which will end the inevitable filibuster that is to come from the pro-abortion side. If you don’t know where they stand on the issue, don’t hesitate to politely ask for the Senator’s position on both the bill and ending a filibuster.

As I heard Bruce and Jen from the Spirit Catholic Radio Morning Show recently state: “If you can’t stand up for life, what else can you stand for?”

In case I haven’t made it clear enough, we really need you to take a moment to advocate for the unborn by contacting your state senator on LB933 – please do not hesitate. And please encourage your family, friends, and fellow parishioners to join you.

Nebraska can abandon abortion and embrace women and their preborn babies. But we cannot do this unless you bear the light of Christ in the public square!

We would also call you to additional prayer and fasting, with the special intention that LB933 advance through the legislative process and that hearts and minds would be converted on this issue. Beg that the Lord would allow the scales of injustice to fall off the eyes of those who do not see the full truth of the dignity of preborn babies. Also, pray for healing for those who have been affected by abortion and need post-abortion healing, which they can receive through Project Rachel (

As you advocate for this legislation, it is important to be aware of the two main arguments opponents have been advancing against the legislation.

The first argument pertains to creating criminal liability for doctors who commit abortion. Opponents have claimed that criminal liability is unnecessary and would be problematic for otherwise well-intentioned doctors. But this argument misses precisely what is at the heart of the bill: protecting innocent human life. The reason that LB933, as well as practically every other pro-life bill that has been passed in Nebraska, contains criminal penalties for doctors who commit abortion is because intentionally taking the life of another innocent human being is a repugnant act and one that should be punishable under criminal law.

The second argument pertains to whether the bill contains any exceptions. Opponents have argued that the legislation lacks compassion because it would create situations where it would place the mother’s life in danger and leave doctors without the means to save the lives of mothers. But this argument fails to understand the clear language of the bill. The Human Life Protection Act allows for life-saving interventions when the mother’s life is in danger of serious harm or death. The act protects doctors who engage in such life-saving interventions and provides that they do everything medically reasonable and necessary to save the life of the mother and the child.

As with any major piece of legislation, you will see intentional campaigns of disinformation in an attempt to keep the bill from passing. Given the gravity of this legislation, you can expect an even stronger campaign of disinformation. As always, if you have questions about the legislation or advocacy, do not hesitate to contact the Nebraska Catholic Conference office (402.477.7517).

In the meanwhile, continue to bring light to the darkness of this world. God bless your efforts in the fight for life!

Tom Venzor is executive director of the Nebraska Catholic Conference. Email him at

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