Father Stephen Hilgendorf stands outside the back of the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, Minn., July 4 after celebrating noon Mass.


Former Anglican priest appointed to St. Barnabas, Christ the King: Convert was prepared to relinquish ministry — but God had other plans

By Joe Ruff

The Catholic Spirit

It’s been a long journey from his role as a priest in the Anglican tradition. It included a desire to be in full communion with the Catholic Church that was so strong he was willing to give up ministry altogether.

“I had to come to grips with the thought, ‘I may never be a priest again,’” Father Hilgendorf, 33, told The Catholic Spirit after his ordination. “After becoming Catholic, I found it very difficult going to Mass. I was not sure who I was anymore.”

For the full story, published originally in The Catholic Spirit, newspaper of the St. Paul/Minneapolis archdiocese, go to https://thecatholicspirit.com/news/local-news/former-anglican-priest-convert-was-prepared-to-relinquish-ministry-but-god-had-other-plans/

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