Four CSM students win national video contest

The Sisters of Mercy of the Americas chose four College of Saint Mary seniors last May as winners of the order’s third annual “Make Mercy Real” nationwide video contest for their submission, “Injustice in India’s Villages.”

Grace Wettengel, Morgan Lee, Michelle Delgado and Nina Bennett, now graduate students at CSM,  traveled to a rural Indian village, capturing the inhabitants’ struggle to maintain a traditional and sustainable way of life in a technologically advancing and challenging political time. They placed first out of 66 national video submissions.

The four wanted to spread the message of how the inhabitants live.

“They might be poor financially compared to us … but when it comes to spirituality and happiness, they were 10 times richer than any of us there,” Wettengel said.

“It was a once in a lifetime experience,” Delgado said. “We got to see how the people there were living and their different ways of life.”

The students received $500 for winning the contest, which they donated to the village where they filmed the video.

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