Holy Cross celebrates fundraising achievement

Holy Cross School in Omaha exceeded the $2,500 fundraising goal for its annual Operation Giving campaign, which provides funds for Holy Cross Parish families in need.

To celebrate, on Dec. 18 more than 400 students and staff participated in Sumopalooza II as teachers donned inflatable sumo wrestler costumes and pretended to wrestle each other while student congress members served as referees.

“While the event may seem silly to some, it is really nice to come together as a student body and staff this time of year and demonstrate for others that we truly have a commitment to share with and sacrifice for others,” said Principal Tawnya Mann.

In addition to raising money, students donated shaving cream, toothbrushes and other toiletries.

“This is really all about trying to teach our children to learn and practice … important self-discipline skills by helping them share what they have,” said first-grade teacher Roberta Coolon.

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