Mars map unveiled for St. Bernard students

ShareSpace Education, part of the Aldrin Family Foundation, hosted two assemblies focused on its Giant Mars Map at St. Bernard School in Omaha April 25.

St. Bernard is one of 58 American schools in 23 states to receive a Giant Mars Map package. This is the first time a Nebraska school has been a recipient. Individual schools, school districts and other educational organizations submitted applications, which were reviewed by an independent team of judges.  

Jim Christensen, executive director of ShareSpace and former middle school teacher, used the 25-by-25-foot map as a teaching tool to help third through eighth grade students understand real-world science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) concepts.  

The event built on a science fair at St. Bernard earlier this year, complementing topics such as Hubble Space Telescope photography and studies of the first astronomers.

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