Music, prayer, talks to highlight July 29-30 Hispanic congresses

Days filled with music and prayer, programs for youth and adults, and two Masses celebrated by Archbishop George J. Lucas will highlight Hispanic congresses planned for July 29 and 30 at V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School in Omaha.

The adult event, "Families Walking in God’s Love," is the second annual congress sponsored by the archdiocese’s Latino Ministry Office, said the office’s manager, Deacon Gregorio Elizalde. The youth congress – the first to be held – is titled, "The Unstoppables."

Last year’s congress drew more than 800 people, and that success led to creating programs specifically for youth ages 13 to 17, Deacon Elizalde said.

"We wanted to do something to help them feel welcomed in the church and to feel that they count and are a part of the archdiocese," he said.

"A goal of the congresses is to create unity among the Hispanic people of the archdiocese, and provide the opportunity for people to meet with the archbishop, and for the archbishop to meet with his flock."

Another goal is to strengthen families and their faith, he said.

"There is a strong threat of evil against families, so with these congresses, we also seek to draw families from intensive care and have defenses to be able to fight and emerge victorious with Jesus Christ," he said.

Each day, doors will open at 7 a.m. and programs will begin with music at 7:30 a.m. Adults and youth will gather for an opening 8 a.m. Mass July 29, celebrated by Archbishop Lucas, and the archbishop’s video welcome address, then begin their separate programs. A 6 p.m. holy hour will conclude the first day’s program.

Both youth and adult congresses will feature music and talks throughout the weekend, presented by several singers and speakers from around the United States and Brazil.

Adults will hear presentations in Spanish on the spirituality and role of marriage and family in today’s world.

The youth congress will include several motivational presentations and plays to encourage youth to learn more about the Catholic faith and build a relationship with Jesus. Singers and speakers at the youth congress will give presentations in both Spanish and English.

The events will conclude July 30 with a 3 p.m. Mass, celebrated by Archbishop Lucas.

Cost for the two days is $20 per person for adults and $10 for youth, and people can register through their parish offices or deacons.

For more information, go to, or contact Deacon Elizalde at 402-557-5571 or

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