Ninth-grade winner, archdiocese’s annual pro-life student essay contest

Many abortion advocates suggest that the pro-life movement is simply a ploy initiated by people trying to impose their faith-based values on others.  These same people fail to see the tangible and irrefutable evidence that exists against abortion.  These developments are continually being advanced through science and prove that the pro-life “ploy” is a sound and moral argument.

One such scientific development is that seven weeks after fertilization, the human baby in its mother’s womb has functioning neural pathways that work with its muscles.  As a result, the baby moves its arms backwards when the upper lip is tickled.  Abortion advocates say that killing an underdeveloped fetus is not killing a human being because they are not yet self-conscious, or rational.  But by this scientific certainty, it is obvious that the human being even early in its life is aware of its body parts and is able to instinctively move.  This development alludes to the fact that an intelligence, although in its early stages, is present.  This means that an abortion kills an intelligent and self-aware human being and disproves the pro-abortion argument.  Another major pro-life argument is that the developing baby can feel pain and thereby shouldn’t be terminated.  While this point has been repeatedly denied, it is proved by the scientific discovery that the fetus responds to stimuli in the environment: pain, and discomfort.

Another important discovery that strengthens the pro-life stance is that the developing baby cries, and smiles in the womb starting between twenty-one to twenty-four weeks of age.  Many abortion advocates feel that abortion is moral because they believe that the fetus is an empty husk lacking emotions, and intelligence.  This point is found invalid with the new development that babies smile, and cry during utero.  Although fetuses are underdeveloped, they are capable of feeling emotionally and should thereby be respected as a human life.

Many pro-life arguments have been thrown aside by abortion advocates, saying that they lack a scientific basis, and sound reason.  At the same time, real, and solid research is coming out that fortifies the pro-life argument.  Babies in utero respond to stimuli, and smile and cry.  These two developments, two of many new discoveries, are sound examples that fetuses are human persons with the intelligence to respond to stimuli, and the emotion to smile and cry.  Every day, the pro-life argument becomes stronger and stronger.  Where in the past the pro-life movement was found without a sound scientific basis, it is now backed by science and reason more than ever.


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