One school helps another

"Penny Wars" for worthy causes held at Catholic elementary schools often raise a few hundred dollars.

That wasn’t the case recently at Christ the King School in Omaha.

As part of Catholic Schools Week Jan. 29 through Feb. 4, the school decided to raise money to help St. Bernard School in Omaha build a "level library," which features multiple book packages for specific reading levels, so students can share the same books in small groups.

Students, staff and faculty came through with more than $2,400.

"I was figuring, with the way pennies add up slowly, we’d receive a few hundred dollars from Christ the King," said Joe Greco, St. Bernard principal. "So I was blown away."

Chris Segrell, principal of Christ the King, said his students were excited about helping another Catholic school.

"We hauled two carts full of pennies and other change (to the bank)," Segrell said. "It took an-hour-and-a-half for the bank to run it through the counting machine."

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