Encountering Jesus

Parish mission with relic of True Cross offered in Boyd, Holt counties

A three-night mission continues in Boyd County and will begin Aug. 2 at parishes in Holt County.

The mission – called “The Four Rs of the Kerygma” – is being presented by Deacon Roger Filips and zeroes in on the basic message of the Gospel: God made us for relationship; sin ruined that relationship; Christ restored it; now what is your response?

Each of the three nights begins at 7 p.m. with evening prayer, followed by a talk and veneration of a relic of the true Cross. The program ends at 8:30.

The mission at Boyd County parishes is wrapping up Aug. 1 at Sts. Peter and Paul in Butte.

The mission at Holt County parishes begins Aug. 2 at St. Boniface in Stuart and continues Aug. 3 at St. Joseph in Atkinson and Aug. 4 at St. Patrick in O’Neill

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