School’s last class gathers 50 years later

Hugs and laughter began with forming an organizing committee and continued Aug. 17-18 as 18 people from the class of 1968 – the last graduating class of former Holy Angels School – gathered in Omaha.
The school closed in 1968, functioned briefly as Dominican High School and was demolished along with Holy Angels Church and other buildings in 1983 to make room for Sorenson Parkway in north Omaha. 
“Many of us have not seen each other in 50 years,” said John Pawloski, who often attends Mass at Immaculate Conception Church at Boys Town in Omaha. “And yet, as we formed a committee, it was almost as if we all just got called in from recess. Classmates hugged and laughed and teased each other about our childhoods. And we just knew we had to reach out and find our friends and invite them to gather again and celebrate our growing up together.”
Thirty-nine members of the 42-person class were contacted. Three have not been located. Six have died. The reunion was held on two evenings in the Omaha area.
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