Second-graders offer tips for marriage

Some had practical suggestions, others more spiritual, when the Catholic Voice asked second-graders at two archdiocesan schools to offer advice to men and women preparing to get married.

Bak Abuok of St. Joan of Arc School in Omaha took a light approach, encouraging couples to "be happy with each other," adding a key to more happiness might be to "eat lots of cake at the party."

Focusing more on faith, Aspen VerMaas of Archbishop Bergan School in Fremont kept things simple, "Pray for each other."

St. Joan of Arc second-grade teacher Katy Synan said her class was happy to help the newspaper. The students learned about marriage recently in their studies about the sacraments, they see marriage lived out every day in their parents and others, and children that age love being asked their opinion.

"It’s a sign they are respected and their voice is being heard," she said.


Archbishop Bergan School

“Don’t be afraid. God is with you,” Andrew Stahlecker

“Don’t be afraid to get married.” Maxx Cattlett

“Love them and keep hope for each other,” Reagan Cansler

“Spend time with each other every day,” Jaelyn Bixby

“Tell each other, ‘I love you,’ every morning.” Paige Gaver

“Give her a necklace,” Keagan Brown

“Don’t try to fight too much,” Julia Utesch

“When she’s sad, make her feel better,” Cristian Para

“Make sure it’s someone you want to stay with forever.” Zach Schulz

“Make sure you love her,” Destiny Curiel

“Give her a present,” Jaxson Mueller

“Make sure she loves you,” Sofia Hoegemeyer

“Be nice to each other,” Tessa Powers

“Always take turns shopping.” Tristan Ray

“When your kids are in trouble, go easy on them,” Maya Kabes

“Don’t forget their birthday,” Eli Prauner

“Pray for each other as much as you can,” Ava Mace

“Make sure you love each other,” Xavier Herre

“When they are sick, give them the stuff they need,” Gavin Dean

“Have the wedding in a real nice place,” Halle Helgenberger

“Love them and keep hope for each other,” Reagan Cansler

“Spend time with each other every day,” Jaelyn Bixby

“Have fun with each other!” Lily Marolf

“Make each other breakfast every morning,” Jaylin Salcindo_Make


St. Joan of Arc

“Be blessed and remember that you adore each other. Plan for a family and agree on things,” Kennedy Barrow

“Be thankful to God that he created your partner,” Anthony LaCrosse

“Get to know each other and decide if they are nice and will be good to you.” Lorelei Rodriguez

“Plan a party for who you are marrying,” Andrew Carr

“Tell them to be good to each other and talk things out everyday,” Paighten Gifford

“Be a perfect couple and be proud of each other. Don’t worry about the wedding stuff.” Gabrielle Burns

“They should go to a restaurant for your wedding dinner and get a job at the same place,” Ethan Gilbert

“You should be friends first and it’s OK to be a different family.” Lillie Gruhlkey

“Love each other a lot and have a big party with your entire family,” Dakota Keil

“Be happy together and have a good life. Go get ice-cream every day.” Evelyn Goltl

“Go have dinner at a restaurant and be happy,” Charlotte Kirchman

“Tell everybody that they are getting married and take everybody out for dinner,” Bennett Krysl

“Always love each other and remember the good things in the past and forget the bad stuff,” Calix Pierce

“Be happy and excited about getting married and make sure you have clean clothes before walking down the aisle,” Rebekah Saettele

“Make sure it’s the perfect person and don’t let them go if it is. Love them,” Skylar Slavik

“Wait a little while before having kids and talk to each other a lot,” Presley Vorland

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