Small change brings big impact

Students at St. Vincent de Paul School in Omaha saw small donations accumulate into a big impact last fall as they contributed to loose-change jars in their homerooms.
Collected from September through November, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters added up to about $3,500, which was earmarked to support the construction of a new parish center.
Coupled with $1,000 in proceeds from the School Store, the money was matched by an anonymous donor couple, resulting in a total of about $9,000 for the construction project.
“Never did I think we would reach this goal,” said Barb Marchese, principal. “I am very humbled and grateful for the support of the kids, staff and families. This has been a real team effort.”
December through February contributions will go toward St. Vincent’s adopted school, San Idelfonso, in Guatemala, and after that, a yet-to-be-determined local charity, she said.
The collection marked the school’s 25th anniversary year, and was designed to get students involved in supporting the parish.
“It was very important to us to help our kids understand that what we enjoy today is a result of those who came before us, and the present parishioners,” Marchese said.
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