Stories of faith from around the Archdiocese

FATHER DENNIS HANNEMAN: God’s Spirit enlivens us today to do the works he does
Most often, the question of who God is leads us into the speculative, conceptual realm: God is the almighty Creator of heaven and earth. God is the Father of all.… Read More
CONNIE ROSSINI: The Lord is with Mary – and us
The Hail Mary is one of the most familiar prayers to us as Catholics. But do we take the time to really think about what we are praying and why?… Read More
LIZ KELLY: The lasting grace of heartfelt, thankful prayer
As a jazz singer, I had the opportunity to play some prestigious venues, the North Sea and Montreux Jazz Festivals, for example. When I lived in Nashville, I sang in… Read More
FATHER JOSEPH SUND: Wounds of Jesus’ glorified body reveal his healing power
Our Gospel this Sunday happens immediately after Jesus’ appearance to the disciples on the way to Emmaus. It is important to note that the disciples of Jesus have been given… Read More
CONNIE ROSSINI: Why do Catholics address prayers to Mary?
We have just finished a series on the Our Father that spanned several months. Beginning today, we will explore the Catechism’s brief exposition of the Hail Mary. We will also… Read More
GEORGE WEIGEL: The Easter explosion
Let me adapt to recent circumstances a thought-experiment theologian Hans Urs von Balthasar proposed decades ago: Imagine that a friend contracts a severe case of COVID-19 and medicine can do… Read More
FATHER JEFF LOSEKE: Uniting ourselves with Jesus will overcome our divisions
Have you had the experience of going out to a favorite restaurant and finding yourself drawn to any number of items on the menu? When I am trying to decide… Read More
DEACON ROGER FILIPS: What Christ did for us on Good Friday
By DEACON ROGER FILIPS I have to admit that whenever I hear the passion story read on Palm Sunday and Good Friday, I still hope that Pilate will do the right… Read More
CONNIE ROSSINI: 'Deliver us from evil’
We have come to the final line in our study of the Our Father, following the Catechism. Today we examine what it means for God to “deliver us from evil,”… Read More
FATHER JOHN BROHEIMER: Put the Father and his plan for us first this Lent
I hope we are committed to holy actions during the whole year: praying the Rosary and other daily prayers, attending Mass as we are able during this pandemic, reading the Scriptures… Read More
FATHER RALPH O'DONNELL: Lent an opportunity to follow in Christ’s footsteps
By FATHER RALPH O’DONNELL I don’t know how it was for you growing up, but for me, as a child in grade school, I remember preparing in the days ahead of… Read More
CONNIE ROSSINI: ‘Lead us not into temptation’
Today we continue our exploration of the Our Father in the Catechism with the petition, “Lead us not into temptation.” What does it mean for God to “lead us” into… Read More

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