Stories of faith from around the Archdiocese

CONNIE ROSSINI: 'Deliver us from evil’
We have come to the final line in our study of the Our Father, following the Catechism. Today we examine what it means for God to “deliver us from evil,”… Read More
FATHER JOHN BROHEIMER: Put the Father and his plan for us first this Lent
I hope we are committed to holy actions during the whole year: praying the Rosary and other daily prayers, attending Mass as we are able during this pandemic, reading the Scriptures… Read More
FATHER RALPH O'DONNELL: Lent an opportunity to follow in Christ’s footsteps
By FATHER RALPH O’DONNELL I don’t know how it was for you growing up, but for me, as a child in grade school, I remember preparing in the days ahead of… Read More
CONNIE ROSSINI: ‘Lead us not into temptation’
Today we continue our exploration of the Our Father in the Catechism with the petition, “Lead us not into temptation.” What does it mean for God to “lead us” into… Read More
FATHER WALTER NOLTE: What accepting Jesus’ call to discipleship means
‘Repent and believe in the gospel.’ These are the first words out of the mouth of Jesus in his inaugural address to people gathered by the Sea of Galilee as… Read More
CONNIE ROSSINI: Forgiveness is an indispensable part of prayer
In our study of the Catechism’s exposition of the Our Father, we have come to the last two petitions. We begin today with “And forgive us our trespasses …” The… Read More
CHRISTINA CAPECCHI: The faith of Violet Jessop
When Violet Jessop set out to be a maritime stewardess, she wasn’t driven by some starry-eyed desire to see the world. She was moved by necessity. Her Irish father, a… Read More
LIZ KELLY: This year, let’s help bring others to life
In 1952, a little boy named Leslie was born prematurely in the Midwest. He had brain damage, cerebral palsy, and problems so severe with his eyes that they had to… Read More
God dwells most intimately with us in difficult times
What God is asking Mary is incomprehensible. How can this be, she asks? In her tiny village everyone knows everyone else, and many people are related to one another. Everyone… Read More
‘Give us this day our daily bread’
In last month’s column, we learned about the first three petitions of the Our Father. Now we turn to the final four. “The fourth and fifth petitions concern our life… Read More
Christmas Reflection: The humble humanity and incredible power of Jesus
By FATHER MARCUS KNECHT One of my favorite internet memes (a picture or collection of pictures with text that explains or repurposes the image(s) in a culturally relevant and usually… Read More
Of mice and men: a saint for our times
“Synchronicity.” That’s the word one journalist used in a Nov. 3 Instagram post to describe the fact that Election Day fell on the feast day of St. Martin de Porres, the patron… Read More

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